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Contractors, Kids, Home Care and Compliance

Your organization needs to take control of this potential nightmare now.

Does your organization send contractors into someone’s house to provide a service? There are countless businesses that derive most, or even all of their revenue through the use contracted work. There are many good business reasons why a company uses an independent contractor to fulfill their services – too many to list here. Keep in mind, though, that in today’s rapidly expanding gig economy it’s the absolute core of the business plan.

As a consumer (even one that hasn’t sampled a prime gig economy service such as Uber), you’ve probably done business through an independent contractor recently. The cable guy, the in-home care specialist, the professional babysitter, the nurse that came to verify your status for Medicare benefits or life insurance are all examples of workers that probably are NOT in-house employees of the company that you paid. What due diligence has been done on these people? Here are some examples to think about.

Example 1: Childcare workers and volunteers at the most basic level need a valid background check (not discussing actual licensing requirements that may be relevant). For example, in my state the following documents must be provided periodically:

·       State Criminal Record Check

·       State Child Abuse History Clearance

·       FBI Federal Criminal History Record (includes fingerprinting)

Example 2: Most cable installers are contractors for the actual service provider – think Verizon, Comcast, etc. They have the uniform, training, and truck, but they are contract workers[G2] . These guys are required to have periodic background checks, driving record check, and current insurance, in addition to the technical certifications required.

Example 3:  Home care workers have a substantial set of periodic requirements that need to be monitored in most states (some states have very few rules – yikes).

·       Required licensing, periodic training for all services provided (aka competency training) and current certifications.

·       State Criminal Record Check

·       State Child Abuse History Clearance (if required by duties)

·       FBI Federal Criminal History Record (includes fingerprinting)

·       Proof of residency

·       Periodic Health Screening

All three of the above examples have some requirements in common. Documentation of the requirements must be kept on-hand by the contracting agency. The documentation, which includes personally identifiable information (PII), must be kept secure. The documentation needs to be periodically updated. Finally, most of this documentation is reviewable, without warning, by the associated regulatory agency.

How does your company stay on top of this potential compliance nightmare? Are you using the old spreadsheet/file cabinet combination? Perhaps you’re a larger company and you’ve coopted the HR software for these tasks. How are you sure that all the required documentation is both up-to-date and available right now? You know what the risks and penalties are – liability, licensing, fines. It’s time to take control of your compliance requirements. You need a cloud-based platform that’s made specifically for this task.

·       Automatic alerts to both the contractor and organization when a requirement comes due

·       Secure document uploading and storage in the cloud

·       Customizable requirement and event writing

·       Ability to create unique user groups

·       Ability to see your organization’s contractors and vendors status on one dashboard

·       Real-time monitoring

·       Scalable, easily grows with your business

Trust Exchange wants to know what your compliance headache is. We know the most important rule in the compliance game. Your company is unique, with a unique set of needs. The key to the effective implementation of a compliance program is beginning with a tailored solution that’s balanced for function and cost. Tell us what you need.

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