American Banker RegTech 2017 Compliance Transformed

This week we will be attending RegTech 2017:  Compliance Transformed, a conference hosted by American Banker in Brooklyn, NY.  RegTech is an emerging area of focus for banks, credit unions and financial institutions in general.  The growth of the RegTech industry is changing the face of compliance in banking.  We believe that our collaborative compliance platform is a game changer.

"U.S. financial institutions spend more than $70B annually on compliance, much of that on people. But the emergence of a new RegTech industry is transforming how financial institutions approach compliance—making it easier, and less expensive."

You can find the agenda here:

We will be heading there from Philadelphia tomorrow.   Our plan is to make connections, give briefings and spread the word about our collaborative compliance platform.

If you're attending and interested in learning more, track us down via twitter:  @b2btrust, @edsull or @timonpoint or LinkedIn: or