RegTech 2017 Compliance Transformed Wrap-up

Last week we attended the RegTech 2017 Conference hosted by American Banker. Here are some quick thoughts and takeaways from our perspective:

1.  The banking market need for RegTech solutions is much larger than the available solutions.  

2.  There is a systemic fear surrounding the implementation of new technology in general and RegTech specifically. 

3.  Lots of confusion about "Risk Management" vs. "Operational Risk Management."  Lot's of incorrect thinking about one time actions vs. ongoing monitoring.  

4.  Net new discussions around "SupTech," RegTech that closes the loop with Regulators and enables them a remote real-time view into compliance.  Could be a new sub-category. 

5.  The RegTech marketplace will be completely different 1 year from now.  Lot's of activity, new products and adoption of artificial intelligence, robotech and blockchain.  

RegTech is a growing and rapidly evolving space.  We will continue to watch closely and participate in the discussion.  You can follow us here or learn more about our solutions by requesting more information HERE.