Credit Union Vendor Management

Just a reminder that the Credit Union Vendor Management webinar series, hosted by our partner Auditlink, begins next week.  Auditlink has used the Trust Exchange platform to build a cost-effective Credit Union Vendor Management service that can provide up to an 80% savings over other Credit Union Vendor Management solutions. 

The webinar will be hosted by Jim Vilker, Auditlink's VP of Professional Service who has decades of experience in Credit Union Vendor Management. Through this monthly series, Jim will guide you through the basics of the regulations, best practices and pitfalls to avoid with Credit Union Vendor Management. 

The series will also explore trends in the industry and key technological developments.  Specifically, Jim will discuss how the power of Trust Exchange's shared network can dramatically reduce the cost and increase the communication between Credit Unions and their vendors.

Trust Exchange is the leader in regulatory technology (Regtech) as applied to Credit Union Vendor Management.  Trust Exchange is a "social network" specifically designed to enable direct interaction between Credit Unions and vendors.  Through AuditLink, Trust Exchange offers its vendor management platform to Credit Unions.