Focus: The Cost of Vendor Management

We're co-hosting an event with our partner Audit Link this Wednesday, March 29th from 11to 11:30 ET.   The web conference will focus on the cost of Credit Union Vendor Management.   There will also be q & a with Jim Vilker, VP of Professional Services and Edward Sullivan, CEO of TrustExchange.

The webinar will cover the following topics:


•FFIEC and new OCC guidelines and requirements

•Responding to Alerts or expired/updating due diligence

•Periodic reviews and reports


•Business decisions



• Report to management significant findings

•Report to Board on significant findings

•Keeping up with the changing regulatory environment


The Trust Exchange is a community of businesses who securely disclose and monitor key information to increase their trust in each other.  Compliance is a key application for our platform and we are redefining how credit union vendor management should be done. To learn more about how we work with partners like AuditLink to solve compliance problems in many industries, follow the contact link below.

More details can be found HERE.