New Customer New Industry: Cutanea Life Sciences for Pharmaceutical Compliance

The addition of Cutanea Life Sciences to our portfolio of clients brings Trust Exchange into an exciting new area:  Pharmaceutical Compliance.  Cutanea is a specialty pharmaceutical company that is developing innovative technologies to treat diseases and disorders of the skin.  They have a complex compliance problem that is a perfect fit for our collaborative compliance platform.

Cutanea has three key compliance monitoring use cases that Trust Exchange enables. 


1.     Self Monitoring.  First, they monitor themselves for compliance with their multi-state licenses and contract expirations.  Trust Exchange queries the various boards of pharmacies on their behalf and notifies them of expirations or actions. 

2.     Customer Monitoring.   Trust Exchange monitors Cutanea’s customers for compliance with each state board’s pharmacy license status.   In addition to this, we provide alerts on license renewal and various actions.

3.     Vendor Monitoring.  Trust Exchange provides contract management events where Cutanea can store documents and set alerts for renewal and termination dates.  Additionally, we monitor all of their vendors for FDA inspections and debarments.

About Cutanea Life Sciences

Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc., headquartered in Wayne, PA, is a specialty pharmaceutical company whose mission is to develop innovative technologies, optimizing intellectual property and therapeutic applications culminating in market-leading products to treat diseases and disorders of the skin and related tissue. CLS seeks to improve human health and appearance, and create value for patients and medical professionals by satisfying underserved medical needs. CLS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Osaka-based Maruho Co., Ltd., a leading dermatology company in japan that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015.


For more information, visit and follow CLS on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Trust Exchange

Trust Exchange, headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is a social network for businesses.  Compliance management and monitoring are key applications of our platform.   Trust Exchange is currently being used in multiple industries including finance, banking, pharmaceuticals and human resources.  If you would like more information or a demo you can contact us HERE.