Powered by Trust Exchange

The most powerful phrase in 3rd-party compliance and B2B information today is powered by Trust Exchange.

  • Trust Exchange allows service providers to build a practice on the platform, resulting in a stream of monthly recurring revenue and access to the entire Trust Exchange database.

  • Trust Exchange gives specialized, niche service providers access to a powerful and easily configurable platform business model with little or no development expense.

  • Trust Exchange levels the playing field for service providers of ALL sizes by easily scaling from sole proprietors to the most massive of organizations.

Does your organization provide critical services, remediation or oversight to other businesses? Are the results of your services ultimately reportable to regulators or a higher corporate authority? Are your services unique to an industry? Does your industry have a problem that can be solved through frictionless real time exchange of data between entities? It’s your hard work and your brand. It’s time to let the power of the platform work for you and the power of automation work for your clients.

In the words of our CTO, Ed James Sullivan, “Trust Exchange makes possible the compliance of everything.” You are a CUSO that provides vendor management services to your member credit unions. You are a cybersecurity solutions provider that maintains and improves readiness for client organizations. You are marketer that evaluates and maintains a select list of dog breeders kept to the highest standard in order to ensure that member pet store do NOT source puppy mills. You are fire safety inspection service that maintains a real-time database of fire-suppression systems for municipalities and insurance underwriters. You are environmental engineering firm that provides remediation and monitoring services for businesses not in compliance with the EPA. These are five examples of unrelated business activities that ALL have one commonality: they all run on the Trust Exchange Platform. Organizations have built additional streams of recurring revenue by automating part of their clients’ mandatory compliance activities.

How it works - It’s quite easy.

Reach out to Trust Exchange at info@TrustExchage.com and tell us that you are a service provider desiring to expand your services. You will be contacted by a partner solution specialist who will first introduce you to the basics of the platform and then ask for your ideas and requirements. We want to know what problem you are solving for your clients. If we decide that there is a match, the team at Trust Exchange will then tailor a live demonstration to your specific use case. This is the first opportunity for your team to dig into how the platform operates for both clients and administrators. The next step is the most important. Our Customer Success team, led by Susan Kamins, will take a deep dive with your team on the specifics of your platform business model. Here is some of what will be considered:

  • The problem you solve

  • Generally accepted practices in your industry – if any

  • Rule-set configuration

  • Alert types and alert delivery

  • Client pricing and billing configuration

  • Curation and data sources

  • Sales and marketing model

  • Platform skin and branding

Let’s talk about how the Trust Exchange platform can power your business too.