Collaborative Compliance

Compliance is not an event but a process that must be maintained and updated frequently.  Current solutions are a mix of manual tasks and periodic "check-ins."  These are expensive, reactive and not scalable.  Trust Exchange's Collaborative Compliance platform enables the open exchange of information required between companies.  



Trust Exchange enables the creation of custom compliance policies. For example, policies can be role, industry or geography based and the applicable companies can be organized and monitored based on these policies.  The monitoring frequency can also be adjusted as needed.                



Each company that joins Trust Exchange is assigned a secure, web-based portal where they can share key documents, events or credentials.  If they are participating in another company's compliance monitoring these items are automatically associated with the appropriate compliance obligation.



Trust Exchange provides clear insight into policy compliance through interactive dashboards, reports and alert system. All parties receive notifications on pending policy violations and actual compliance failures.