What is Trust exchange?

Trust Exchange is a Social Network for businesses where companies can connect, collect and exchange real-time business information that meets their operational or compliance needs and creates new opportunities for direct interaction.

What is the purpose?

Trust Exchange’s goal is to enable companies to more freely interact and operate at the speed of Trust. For example, the buyers or vendor services to easily access information that is as close to real-time as possible, and help accelerate the procurement processes benefitting vendors and buyers simultaneously. 

What is the platform?

Trust Exchange has designed, built and currently operates its platform by leveraging AWS cloud-based technologies that give it unprecedented scale, speed and availability.  

Our cloud based technology platform allows businesses of all sizes and in all industries to connect, exchange and monitor up to the minute, mission-critical business information.  By leveraging the latest internet and social technologies, the platform connects users and producers of business information, creating opportunities for more direct interaction, significantly reducing costs and creating new business opportunities.