G2Link Doubles Customers in Six Months

Businesses Adoption of Social Risk Management Application Accelerate

Drexel Hill, PA – Aug 8, 2013 – G2Link (www.g2link.com), the first social trust and reputation platform for businesses, announced accelerating customer growth through the last six months. Launched on February 1, 2012, G2Link is now serving over 2,000 business professionals who use the application to review and monitor their key customers, vendors and partners. In addition, G2Link is currently tracking trust and reputation statistics for more than 80,000 companies.

Before G2Link, businesses had limited options to understand and measure the trust and reputation of other companies. They relied upon outdated payment history and accounting data from a credit bureau to understand a company’s ability to meet their obligations.

G2Link is changing all of this by empowering companies to take control of their risk management. By continually leveraging working knowledge from within the worldwide business ecosystem, G2Link provides more timely, actionable and clearer visibility into a company’s business performance. Over 2,000 business professionals have embraced this technology and selected G2Link’s Trust and Reputation platform to gain real time insight and better manage their risk.

“Business success is dependent upon the fast and fluid flow of information between businesses.” said Edward Sullivan, G2Link Founder and CEO. “Today, organizations change faster than accounting rules can accurately demonstrate making standard financial reports lagging indicators. As a result, peer-generated trust and reputation are becoming more critical in making decisions. At G2Link, we’re providing a platform for businesses to rate and monitor Trust and Reputation for their most important relationships.”

About G2Link

G2Link is now Trust Exchange and is revolutionizing the B2B trust and business reputation market. With its’ socialytics based software rating platform, G2Link provides critical, real time insight into a company’s most important business relationships – resulting in a more informed and accurate assessment of a company’s ability to meet their business obligations. Designed specifically for businesses, it is being used by sales, finance and procurement professionals. Launched in 2012, G2Link is currently tracking trust and reputation data on more than 80,000 companies. Is your company one of them? Find out by visiting wwww.trustexchange.com .