G2Link Growing at Over 600 New Customers per Month

Banks and other regulated industries adopting trust platform to manage risk.

Drexel Hill, PA – December 11, 2013 – G2Link (www.g2link.com), the first social trust and reputation software platform for businesses, announced today that over 5,000 business professionals are now using G2Link to track and monitor key business relationships, and manage risk.

Before G2Link, businesses had limited options to understand and measure the trust and reputation of other companies. They relied upon outdated payment history and accounting data from a credit bureau to understand a company’s ability to meet their obligations. Using social media to capture the wisdom of the smart crowd, G2Link is enabling companies to take control of risk management by providing actionable, accurate and inexpensive business performance data. For the banking industry, this insight is revolutionizing risk management.

The new and expanding regulatory environment is one of the most demanding issues facing financial operations today. Banks and credit unions are under enormous pressure to gain trust within their loan portfolios and vendor management relationships. Many of these institutions lack the business information systems and consistent processes to understand and manage risk economically. G2Link creates an inexpensive, seamless solution to research, monitor and track your most important business relationships.

“For our banking customers it is all about managing risk, both within the loan portfolio, as well as their third party relationships”, said Ed Sullivan, Founder and CEO G2Link. “Instead of financial institutions bearing the entire burden associated with vendor selection, due diligence and on-going monitoring, by partnering with G2Link, these institutions now have more meaningful and action oriented data pushed directly to their desktops.”

About G2Link

G2Link is revolutionizing the B2B trust and business reputation market. With its socialytics based software rating platform, G2Link provides critical, real time insight into a company’s most important business relationships – resulting in a more informed and accurate assessment of a company’s ability to meet their business obligations. Designed specifically for businesses, it is being used by sales, finance and procurement professionals. Launched in 2012, G2Link is currently tracking trust and reputation data on more than 88,000 companies. Is your company one of them? Find out by visiting www.g2link.com.