The Trust Exchange is a community of businesses who securely disclose and monitor key information to increase their trust in each other. 

The company was founded by a father and son team of entrepreneurs who were both frustrated with the current state of business information applications.  The data available was stale and delivered via printable reports or email.  It wasn’t timely, predictive and certainly not actionable.  Furthermore, the business information and B2B credit bureaus kept this stale information behind a two-way paywall and charged companies to correct and update their information.
Exchanging and monitoring this information is a complex problem that has grown exponentially with the advent of outsourcing and regulation. 

Trust Exchange is the answer providing a platform where businesses can directly and securely exchange key information required to do business with each other.  This can be as simple as disclosing the number of employees and insurance to complex certifications or audits.


Trust Exchange enables businesses to directly disclose key information that other businesses may need to enter into a relationship. Employing basic social and gaming mechanics to solve the exponential scale problems encountered by traditional providers.  



Trust Exchange is a scalable, secure and powerful platform designed specifically for businesses of all sizes and industries. Designed to meet the needs of data intensive computing we scale to millions of transactions on our cloud based infrastructure.



Trust Exchange was designed to provide actionable business data from various sources. The flexibility and configurability have enabled us to serve multiple industries simultaneously including finance, banking, credit unions and logistics.