Credit Union Vendor Management

The new regulations and guidelines for vendor management published by the NCUA have created an additional regulatory burden on an already highly regulated industry.  The new requirements add an exponential amount of work that must be done to maintain compliance.  Existing solutions are linear and can't keep up.  Trust Exchange uses social technologies to provide a cost effective, scalable and "future proof" solution.  


Vendor Management Dashboard

Timely and actionable information is delivered through easily configurable dashboards.  Create custom monitoring criteria and risk policies that can be monitored automatically.  Dashboards and reports create visibility throughout the organization and regulators.


Active Document Management

Document management is one of the most costly aspects of Vendor Management.  Depending on the risk profile of the vendor the number of documents that must be managed can be enormous.  Trust Exchange enables Vendors to deliver documents directly to Credit Unions securely and privately. Documents can also be sent to several Credit Unions simultaneously!


Vendor Compliance Timeline

The Trust Exchange timeline provides a consolidated view of each vendor's performance over time.  At a glance you can determine an individual vendor's compliance and policy violations.