Welcome to the Trust Exchange

Your customers are managing vendor compliance on the Trust Exchange. Register your free Vendor account to manage your company's public profile, view the business rules your company is being monitored for and track your company's pass/fail compliance status. 

Each company that joins the Trust Exchange is assigned a secure, web-based portal where they can share key documents, events or credentials.  If they are participating in another company's compliance monitoring, these items are automatically associated with the appropriate compliance obligation.  Trust Exchange's Collaborative Compliance platform enables a secure, efficient exchange of information required between companies.  Vendors especially benefit from one-to-many transactions that significantly streamline submissions and reduce the cost of compliance for you and your customers.



Each compliance submission event is created once and shared privately with all customers who are pre-authorized to access the information.  Required due diligence documents are attached to the event and uploaded to a vendor’s secure document repository.  A financial report, for example, only needs to be submitted once to be shared instantly with all designated customers in a single transaction. New customers can be granted access as needed, while terminating customers can have their permissions revoked.



All parties receive notifications about upcoming requirements and expiring events.  Alerts can be configured to detect pending policy violations and actual compliance failures.  A daily alert digest is sent via email to users who have appropriate permissions and elect to turn on this feature.



While sensitive due diligence information is shared privately, a company’s public profile is populated with general company information, news articles and B2B reviews.  Vendors can actively promote their company to prospective customers on Trust Exchange by highlighting the services they offer, posting news about new products or awards they have received, and by soliciting recommendations from their business partners.