New Customer: Frankenmuth Credit Union

When welcoming a new customer, I like to think about their employees, customers, mission and history.  Recently, our we've engaged with a significant number of Credit Unions through our partner Audit Link.  Credit Unions have some of the most fascinating histories.  For example, Audit Link recently deployed Trust Exchange for Frankenmuth Credit Union located in Frankenmuth Michigan.  

They have a rich history steeped in Beer! From their site:  

In 1964 Frankenmuth Credit Union was organized by the employees of Carling Brewery. They were looking for an alternative option for their financial needs. In the beginning only the employees of Carling Brewery, Zeilinger Beverage, Geyer's Brewery and Star of the West Milling could join the credit union - the brewers and millers.

Starting exclusively for Brewers and Millers, now they currently serve anyone who lives, works, worships or was educated in the state of Michigan. If you are interested in learning more you can visit their website

Audit Link and Trust Exchange are helping Frankenmuth manage their vendor monitoring challenges with our combined offering.  If you're interested in learning more, please contact us.